Material Transport Robot for IC Fab —— Wafer Box/ FOUP Transporter / Handler



ATR500 is an automatic indoor vehicle (AIV) based transporter, specially designed for wafer storage box/FOUP handling in semiconductor factory. It can carry four 8”/12”wafer boxes/FOUPs and deliver them to different regions in the fab. APR500 is intelligent handling equipment specifically for semiconductor manufacturing industry. APR500 can carry two 300mm FOUPs, deliver and handle them to various equipments of the fab, e.g. eRack, manufacture tools, etc. With the intelligent obstacle bypass capability, APR500 is suitable for collaborate application. Integrated with RFID, ATR500 is able to communicate with automatic manufacture management system.
   Product Features

● Flexible

● Applied to high class clean romm

● Large Capacity

● Material traceability

● User-friendly

● Safety






4×200mm/300mm Storage Box or FOUP

Compatible for Both

 2×300mm FOUP

Guiding Methods

 Laser Intelligent Guide

 Laser Intelligent Guide


 Max. 1.5 m/s

 Max. 0.8 m/s