300 Series Stepper —— LED/ MEMS/ Power Devices




SSB300/30 stepper is designed for substrates of 2-6 inches applied in PSS and electrode lithography process. It has high resolution and CD uniformity. SSB320/10 is specially designed for LED Chip lithography process. Ultra-large exposure field is adopted. With optimized reticle design, the exposure field is smaller, so that the loss of repeated chips is reduced and the throughput is improved greatly.
   Product Features

● Resolution up to 0.8μm

● Fast and online mapping tech

● Precise stitching

● Self- adaption switching between different substrates

● High throughput

● Precise overlay

● Perfectly match with aligner

 Model  SSB300  SSB320  SSB380
 Resolution  0.8μm  1μm  2μm
 Light Source  i-line mercury lamp  i-line mercury lamp  i-line mercury lamp
 Substrate Size  2~6 inches  2~6 inches  2~6 inches
 Remark  LED PAD and PSS Process  LED PAD Process LED PAD Process


 Backside alignment and variable slit

 Backside alignment and variable slit

 Backside alignment and variable slit